At Dr. Batista Music Studio we value the safety of our students and instructors. Wearing a face mask is optional. However, if you are sick or coughing we will ask you to wear a mask.


(Parents of minors are required to read and/or explain the requirements to their children.)

1. We recommend everyone to always wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status while in our office. However, wearing a mask is optional at this time.

2. You may be asked to sanitize your hands when entering the office.

3. We are limiting the number of people in our office to avoid the spread of Covid-19 should our office have anyone contract the virus.

4. Only the student will be allowed to enter the lesson room.

5. Please, do not bring food, drinks, or trash to our office. There are dumpsters on the parking lot where you can dispose of your trash.

6. If you show up for an appointment sick or coughing we will ask you to wear a mask.

We look forward to helping you achieve your music goals in a safe manner.