Piano Lessons - (Recreational Music Making):  Individual instruction at all levels.  This lessons are for
students that want to have fun learning the piano while also learning the basics of music theory, harmony and
musicianship.  These lessons are considered
Recreational Music Making and the training is less rigorous.  
Specially suitable for young students, beginner to intermediate young adults and older students that don't
have the time for a more demanding instruction.

Piano Lessons - (Conservatory Style Training):  Individual instruction specially designed for students that are
interested in learning the
art of piano performance and are considering continuing piano and/or music in
college.  These lessons include a structured course of technical studies, repertoire, music theory, harmony,
musicianship, and music appreciation, in addition to playing in small ensembles with other students.  
Students enrolled in this program are required to:

  • Take 1 hour lessons per week minimum
  • Enroll in the Certificate of Merit TM program from the Music Teacher's Association of California
  • Participate at all studio recitals
  • Participate of competitions and other performing opportunities

(Students that participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities are not recommended for this program.)

Voice Lessons: Individual instruction on the art of singing.  Weekly lessons include, warm-ups and vocal
exercises, sound production and singing pieces specifically chosen by the instructor to help the student
develop their voice.

Guitar Lessons:  Individual instruction on the art of guitar playing.  Weekly lessons include proper technique
of guitar playing, chords, and learning how to read music notes.  

Musicianship:  Includes sight-singing, interval recognition, aural analysis, melodic dictation and rhythmic

Chamber Music:  Coaching of literature for piano with strings, winds and brass.

Vocal Coaching:  Accompanying and coaching of diction and interpretation of Hispanic repertoire.  (This is
not the same as vocal instruction).


Private Studio Recitals:  All students are encouraged to perform in the recitals.  These events are varied and
will be held at least twice a year. A fee per student is charged to cover the expenses.

MTAC Recitals:  The Music Teacher's Association of California sponsor periodic recitals where students of
members may perform for one another. For more information, please contact me.

MTAC Certificate of Merit Program (TM):  Students in this program are evaluated on: technique, ear
training, sight-reading and performance skills; there is also a written theory test at each level. This program
encourages the conscientious student to strive for musical excellence.  Registration fees vary depending upon
level.  MTAC also offers various scholarships to outstanding graduating high school students. For more
information contact me.

Independent Study Credits:  Students may earn high school credits for private music lessons through
Independent study from their school.
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Private instruction provides an ideal environment for mastery of a
musical instrument, allowing the teacher to meet the unique needs of
each student; adapting to his or her challenge level, assessing
technical strengths and weaknesses, and creating an atmosphere
tailored to the student's own learning style.
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